India's best aviation photographers


Is a very well known name when it comes to Indian aviation photography. Most of you must have heard of him or seen his name as watermark over some of the most amazing photographs. When it comes to India's HAL Tejas, most of the amazing photographs you are going to find will have a name " Deb Rana " written on it. 

Do check his Instagram page to see more of his amazing work.

Vishal Jolapara

Bought a camera in 2004 to photograph my grandparents on their maiden flight and thereafter, it became my best companion as I chased what I love the most with it.

Wanted to be a pilot all my life, got into flight school a month after graduation.

Circumstances led me into corporate slavery for almost a decade. Which, I finally quit for good a few years earlier, and am now back chasing my dream.

My passion for photography has led me to meeting some fabulous people from around the world, the privilege of their friendships as well as travelling to great places and the chance to see & photograph some extraordinary spectacles.

Saurav Chordia

A Pol Science graduate turned into an 3d designer and a photographer. He is a guy, with multiple talents, he has even designed squadron patches for the Indian air force.

He started pretty young and today he is a well known name when it comes to the Indian aviation.

Do check his amazing work on Instagram and also visit his website for his 3D modeling work.


From the beginning I was always fascinated by the huge aircraft flying around and since my dad worked in the aviation field I just got more interest with aviation.. at first it was civil aviation but later when I shifted closer to a military airport I got much more interested in military aviation.. and since then I’ve been photographing military aircraft!

Praneeth Franklin

Growing up near an airport and its approach path got me going euphoric every time an aircraft landed. The passion grew and branched into aircraft model building, aviation photography and aviation art. It’s been over 15 years of aviation photography alone, and I must say, it’s been a wonderful journey and I am looking forward to making more content as we go along!

Arnav Pai

Arnav Pai is a recent Engineering Graduate and an avid aviation enthusiast. Having visited the HAL Museum in 2002, he was fascinated by the magnificent machines on display and their civil counterparts operating from the then functional airport. Seeing the Suryakiran, Sarang & Tejas at Aero India 2005, made him realise his passion for flying objects with a dream of being a pilot someday, and hasn’t  missed the air show since. With Wildlife Photography as an initial hobby, Arnav started documenting aircraft since 2013, describing it as an addiction so subtle that even love stories have endings but this won’t, while preparing for higher studies and a career either in Aerospace Technology or as a Civil Aviator.

Abhishek Singh Chauhan

I have loved military and civil aviation back from my childhood days when i was 8
This was back when i used to visit chandigarh AFS base with my chandigarh was home for mig21s and attracted me more towards military aviation...
I started aviation photography as a hobby in 2017 and finally made my Instagram account in 2019

Rushabh P.Bafna

Rpbaviation, shooting both Civil+Military Aviation Photography from 2011. Nation Lover. Founder of TeamAviationIndia. Fond more of the fighter jets and military aircraft. My head is always up in the sky in search of the metal birds! Trying to portray the best of our Defence forces through my Photography!!

Arunim Sinha

A Software engineer by profession who has love for aviation (not necessarily military aviation). A curious spotter who likes to click every now n then with a humble low-end camera. Like to know about systems how they work and procedures boring stuff right. But always remember… I believe junk food tastes good because it’s bad for you…. acquire knowhow so that you ask right questions.

Raghav K

I'm a student of Class X. My Tryst with photography started at the age of four when my parents allowed me to use an early digital camera. My liking for the flying beasts started when I was three when I used to watch them fly by my house every single minute in Delhi, and also the innumerable models of Various Aircrafts kindled the Avgeek / aviation enthusiast in me. Currently I am based in Bangalore And try to capture all the special and unique flying objects as and when  possible. In addition to photography, I'm also an avid violinist.