Chinese satellite tracking vessel in Srilanka


7/24/20221 min read

Satellite tracking vessels are obviously, satellite tracking vessels. But there is more than this regarding the Chinese "research vessels" which usually drop anchor in international waters of the Bay of Bengal. These vessels keep a close eye on Indian satellite launches, BMD tests, ballistic missile tests, snooping upon the telemetry signals sent back by the missiles, tracking the launched satellite to know its positions in space etc. This can compromise sensitive data about missile systems, once the telemetry encryption is cracked. Nothing extraordinary about it, since every country does it against its adversaries. The IOR is crawling with ISR platforms from China and America. This time the vessel is visiting Hambantota port in Srilanka, for a quick refuel on 11th of August. Similar SIGINT sites exist all over the Coco Islands north of A&N, more on those in dedicated articles. Stay tuned.