Entry into force of the final tranche of 18 Rafale for Indonesia


Dassault Aviation

1/8/20241 min read

The final tranche of 18 Rafale for Indonesia came into force today. It follows the entry into force, in September 2022 and August 2023, of the first and second tranches of 6 and 18 Rafale, thus completing the number of aircraft on order for Indonesia under the contract signed in February 2022 for the acquisition of 42 Rafale.

In choosing the Rafale, Indonesia has opted for a unique tool for sovereignty and operational independence that will help consolidate its role as a major regional power. This choice also consolidates ambitious industrial and academic cooperations. We are fully committed to making this partnership a success, with a resolutely long-term vision,” said Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation.