HAL aggressive on the Malaysian market


Durgesh Singh

8/18/20220 min read

The HAL has signed an MOU to open an office in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, the MOU was signed by Mr. Ravi K, GM, LCA, HAL, and Major (R) Mohd Husairi Bin Mat Zain of Forte Drus, the official representatives of HAL in Malaysia.

The goal here is to capture business opportunities in Malaysia in the field of LIFT, Su 30 MKM upgrades, and the BAE Hawk upgrades, also in the future to explore the possible sale of HTT 40, LUH, LCH & ALH.

Malaysia is an ideal market for HAL as the backbone of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) is the Su 30 MKM fighter, which is a cousin of the Su 30 MKI fighter on which HAL has years of working experience. HAL has optimized Su 30 MKI for the Indian air force. They have done the required modifications with time, ensured proper spare supply, and continuously increased the percentage of the indigenous components on the platform to reduce reliance on the Russians.

Also now they are offering an upgrade package to upgrade the platform to the modern standard.

Armed with the R-73 and R-77 missiles, Royal Malaysian Air Force's Su 30MKM fighter

So, next to Russia if any country can help the Malaysians to sustain their Su 30 MKM fleet, is India with HAL, and seeing the current geopolitical scenario where all the American allies are made to distance themselves from the Russians, India appears one and the only option for the Malaysians. India can even provide them with the Super Sukhoi upgrade which is currently on offer to the IAF.

The second thing on offer here is the HAWK upgrade, The RMAF operates HAWK 208 which is a version of HAWK 200, which is actually not a trainer HAWK in service with the IAF, It is actually a light Multirole Fighter with APG 66 radar and can fire BVR missiles such as AIM 12O AMRAAM, and for WVR it can fire the British ASRAAM missile with different air to ground weapons. 13 of them are currently in service with the RMAF.


What HAL has achieved here is that they came up with HAWK I upgrade which makes the aircraft combat capable especially for air-to-ground roles or attack roles.

The HAWK I is 95% Indigenously made with local software, mission computer, EW suite, CMDS, HUD, weapons, etc. It can be modified in the future to have a scaled-down version of Uttam AESA Radar.

So If the RMAF wants an alternative upgrade based on HAWK I than we can offer them that too.


Finally, for the RMAF LIFT competition, LCA Tejas is the strongest contender among them all, offering best in class avionics weapon package and deal.

There are some reports which claim that the RMAF may be interested in the Korean FA 50 fighter, which can be the case as in deals like this, geopolitics is an important factor too, so ultimately it's on the Malaysians to choose what is best for them.

How much success India will get in the Malaysian market is something which is to be seen, but HAL is giving everything to succeed is something we can appreciate.

LCA Tejas Trainer, Tail number KH-T 2009 Photo by MARINA LYSTSEVA/TASS