MTAR Technologies Limited Receives the Defence Industrial License for Production of Various Mechanical and Electronic Subsystems



8/31/20231 min read

MTAR Technologies Limited has received the Defence Industrial License (DIL: 14(2023)) for the production of various mechanical and electronic subsystems in the defence sector. This license will facilitate ease of business with foreign MNCs on various defence projects. It will enable the company to partner with foreign MNCs and cater to both domestic and export markets by taking up projects under the 'Buy (Indian)', 'Buy & Make (Indian)', and 'Make' categories of acquisition, thereby increasing the share of Defence in our revenues.

Defence Industrial License (DIL: 14(2023)) will enable us to manufacture various sub systems including C4I SR Systems (Command Control Computers, Communication Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems) , Electronics Equipment ' required for ECM (Electronics Co, Design, Development, Manufacturing, Integration & upgradation of Special naval equipment and their subsystems & Air independent propulsion systems designed for submarines.

"Defence license will enable MTAR to partner with global MNCs to address various electronic and mechanical sub systems. The company will not only be able to increase the revenues from Defence but also be able to work on some of the complex sub system level projects by collaborating with MNC customers" said Mr. Parvat Srinivas Reddy, Managing Director, MTAR Technologies Limited.