Poland to buy FA-50 and K2 Black Panther Tanks from South Korea


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Poland's Defence Minister quoted on Friday, that their country is going to buy South Korean weapons including around 48 FA-50 fighter jets and 180 K2 black panther tanks and howitzers from South Korea.

"This year the first unit will be delivered and in total there will be 180 black panther tanks in the first order ultimately these things are to be produced in Poland," Mariuz Blaszczak said. After Moscow's special military operation in Ukraine, Poland is working on their defenses and they are strengthening its military for that. They are looking toward South Korea. Blaszczak also said that they will be acquiring Korean FA-50 fighters, around three squadrons of them which is equal to 48 aircraft.

Interestingly Poland is also a full member of NATO since 1999 which means more than 20 years, so they just have to do the bare minimum for their military because they come under the protection cover of NATO. But still, they are well armed they have around 48 f 16 C/D & they will have F-35A around 32 of them, which are on order. They still have MiG 29 from Soviet Era, around 23 of them as well as around 18 Sukhoi Su-22. So it seems like the Korean FA 50 is going to be their LIFT platform which is going to increase their Air Force's strength.

Talking about tanks they already ordered the American M1 Abrams tank the M1A2 SEPv3 version. They already operate the german Leopard 2 tanks, which too are in very decent numbers. Also, they have their PT 91 tanks which are improved over T-72s, they are their local tanks, as well as the Soviet T-72s also in their service. So the K2 black Panthers are going to increase their strength further.