T-91 Assault Rifle

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Lesser known gun of the indian army | Taiwanese T-91 assault rifle

Even though it looks like a US M16, the Taiwanese T91 is not exactly the same weapon. Development was completed in 2002 and the T91 was adopted by the Taiwanese armed forces in 2003. By 2008 it replaced all service rifles, including the older T65 series, in all branches of the Taiwanese military. This assault rifle has been exported to at least 6 other nations, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. The T91 proved to be successful. Some sources report that over 300 000 of these assault rifles were produced

The T91 is a further development of the proven Taiwanese T86, but has some modern features, such as Picatinny-type scope and accessory rails. The T86 was produced only in relatively small numbers between 2000 and 2002, until production switched to the improved T91. Internally the T91 is similar to the Armalite AR-18. It can be seen as a Taiwanese equivalent of the M16A3.

The T91 is a gas operated, selective fire weapon. It is chambered for a standard NATO 5.56x45 mm ammunition. This weapon has a different gas action than the Armalite AR-15 (M16). Also it lacks forward assist. The gas piston system is modularized and can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. It reduced the risk of loosing small parts while cleaning the weapon. This assault rifle can be field stripped without using any special tools.

Jordanian Defense Forces had reportedly conducted comparison tests between several of their service rifles in a desert environment. It turned out that in terms of reliability the T91 scored better than the M16 and in these terms it was comparable to the AK-47.

T 91 CQC - Is the carbine variant of T 91 rifle. The barrel is shortened from 16 inch to almost 14 inch. Tactical railing or P.rail and a grip added on hand guard

A fire mode selector is located on the right side of the receiver and is operated by a thumb. It has 4 positions for "safe", "semi-auto", "3-round burst", and "full-auto".

Country of origin Taiwan
Entered service 2003
Caliber 5.56 x 45 mm
Weight 3.17 kg
Length 880 mm
Length (stock retracted) 800 mm
Barrel length 406 mm
349mm (T 91 CQC)
Muzzle velocity 975 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire 800 - 850 rpm
Practical rate of fire 40 - 100 rpm
Magazine capacity 30 rounds
Iron sight sighting range is adjustable according user choice
Range of effective fire
400 - 600m( assault rifle)

info gathered by - sandman from defence matrix discord
source - military today.com