The Artist

Angad Maolankar

With a childhood soundtracked by a Pegasus engine (Sea harrier) I feel like I can confidently claim to have always been immersed in the world of aviation. An obsession that has since driven my choice of toys, field of study/career and more recently what I draw

A self professed Av-geek, aerospace engineer and (hopeful) commercial pilot to be, stuck in the pipeline due to Covid-19, I used the time afforded to me by the pandemic associated lockdown to upgrade, moving from back of the notebook doodles to full fledged aviation art!

My small enterprise, Non Communist Mao, has since grown by leaps and bounds, from providing fellow av-geeks with interesting zoom backgrounds via posters and stickers, to murals and (HAL Ajeet) sized pieces dotting the briefing rooms and aprons of various Navy and Airforce squadrons nationwide! 

Celebrate OUR love for all things aviation and check out the links provided below!

Some of my work