The Scale Modeler

Tom Thounaojam

Hi, My name is Tom Thounaojam and I am from Imphal, Manipur. Ever since I was a kid I always like aircraft so when I growing I used to make paper model aircraft however about 15 years ago I came to know about scale modeling it relatively less known here in India but the hobby is slowly picking up and more and more are building scale models. The downside is we don't have many sellers here and most of the purchase is from international vendors and it cost extra when it reaches here due to the custom duties. But that being said it is a great and rewarding hobby, you can learn so much about the aircraft that served our nation and the people behind it. Even if you can't be part of the military, these models will keep your spirit high. Also, having a hobby like this keeps you focused and helps excite your brain I guess that also helps in fighting mental health and after a long day at work a quiet time to yourself will surely cheer you up.


Some of my work