Whit Worth | World's First Sniper rifle

by - @Beast-The Silent One (Defence matrix discord)



Whit-worth was an English origin muzzle load rifle musket it was undoubtedly the first sniper rifle because it had effective range of 750-800 and highest accuracy compared to all rifle of its time. It used 11.5mm calibre hexagonal and cylindrical shape bullet
Body Design And Features
It was a simple muzzle loader rifle musket like others but it had a new type of barrel and new cartridge. It came in 3 overall length 49,52 & 55 inch and rifle was nearly 4kg heavy which made it lighter and smaller compared to most of the rifled it
Whit-worth rifles were available in Enfield type flip up sight, Post & Globe Front sight & fixed front sight some had sliding blade with adjustment for wind age, even some had x4 sight
Although the rifle was very accurate had a very long range but due to it's production cost and barrel was very prone to fouling in compared to pattern 1853 Enfield so it lost the trial but still British Army brought some whit-worth rifle and even French and American army brought this rifle due to it's accuracy and range